lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

The Six T's Approach Part 1 by Esteban Arrier

TASK 4) Read Content-Based Instruction for Language Learners Lesson 4 and do the assignment below:

1-     An overarching issue could be natural disasters in our World. ü
2-     As themes, I could identify ‘how earthquakes are produced and the results in world’, ‘the potential strength of water and its rage: tsunamis’, ‘a dangerous wind is blowing: hurricanes’. ü
As topics, I can identify for example: the consequences earthquakes have on people/ consequences they have on economy/ consequences they have on the land.
About tsunamis, I could work ‘the day after’, and work on the consequences the disaster had on people, the land. (more or less something similar to the previous one.
3-     A thread that I could identify is sympathetic support from people who were not reached by the disaster, and how it works when different disasters ‘attack’ humanity, that is to say, the help provided by those who were not affected by it.
4-     The thread in this case, would consist of a reading activity about the different ways people can contribute with those affected by a natural disaster. ü

5-     Let’s take the topic about earthquakes. Some texts could be: a) a magazine report about the earthquake. b) The testimony of the survivors, this could be a listening activity. c) a chart with statistics about the disaster and also concerning the damage on people. d) An article from a newspaper about the current situation of the country and about the reorganization after the disaster. ü

6-     In the texts which are written, I could set a reading comprehension activity and then students can answer some questions related to that topic. Another task could consist of summarizing the main ideas of the text and then they sharing  them with their classmates orally. They could also express their opinion about that. Regarding the listening activity, they can do a ‘fill in the blanks’ activity, and then I would foster interaction among them, to encourage them to express their opinion about that.  
7-     One transition could be relating information about the different outcomes of the disasters and then students could compare the different disasters and think of the most harmful one/s for people, for the land. They may also think of different ways to help those people who are victims of different disasters.

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