lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

The Six T's Approach Part 1 by Cesia Panama

TASK I) Read Content-Based Instruction for Language Learners Lesson 4 and do the assignment below:
1. Consider the theme Global Issues as the overarching, organizing mega-theme of a content-based course you could teach.

2. Identify several themes and topics that could form the subunits of your sustained content-based course.

Theme: Global Issues.

Subtheme: Human industry–
Topics: Cause of pollution in air.
Cause of pollution in water.

Subtheme: Natural disasters –
Topics: Tsunamies and earthquakes
Floods and droughts

Subtheme: Global warming –
Topic: greenhouse effect.

3. Identify at least one thread that could be used to relate the various themes of the course.

Threads: polluted air, polluted water, polluted earth.
Pollution causing short and long term consequences.

4. Choose one of the themes or topics. Locate 4-8 texts that could be used with that theme or topic. (Remember that texts are not just written documents; they are "content resources (written and aural) which drive the basic planning of theme units" (Stoller and Grabe, 1997, p. 83).**

Topic: greenhouse effect.


5. Plan three or four tasks your students could do working with the texts you identified in point 4.

• Looking at the image (link 1), discuss with your group which the consequences of the Greenhouse Effect could be and write them down.
• Now read the article (link 2) and check if you were right.
• Look at the schema (link 5). Identify the most dangerous effects for the planet and for our country. Choose one of the topics you would like to know more about.
• Choose one article (links 3 and 4) and write down/make a list with the causes of greenhouse effect.

6. Identify two or three transitions across topics, tasks, and texts.

Transition 1: What are the problems caused by pollution in our country? Explain in one or two paragraphs why the impacts of pollution are not strong in our country.

Transition 2: Are human industry, global warming and natural disasters linked?

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