lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

The Six T's Approach Part 1 by Ayrton Dave

TASK I) Read Content-Based Instruction for Language Learners Lesson 4 and do the assignment below:

  1. Consider the theme Global Issues as the overarching, organizing mega-theme of a content-based course you could teach.

  1. Identify several themes and topics that could form the subunits of your sustained content-based course.

  1. Identify at least one thread that could be used to relate the various themes of the course.

  1. Choose one of the themes or topics. Locate 4-8 texts that could be used with that theme or topic. (Remember that texts are not just written documents; they are "content resources (written and aural) which drive the basic planning of theme units" (Stoller and Grabe, 1997, p. 83).**

  1. Plan three or four tasks your students could do working with the texts you identified in point 4.

  1. Identify two or three transitions across topics, tasks, and texts.

  1. Present points 1-6 in a chart similar to one you have seen used in this lesson.

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